Is It Really Unreliable for Bi Men/Women to Have Sex on the First Date

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Is It Really Unreliable for Bi Man/Woman to Have Sex on the First Date

Having sex on the first date is always a controversial topic. Some people believe that Bi Men/Bi Women are more open-minded, so the chances to have sex on the first date might be higher. On a bisexual dating site, Some people in the expression of love appear implicit, introverted, reserved, even if they have good impressions, will not easily reveal their feelings.They never take the initiative when interacting with bi men/bi women, and those who pursue them will feel confused and don't know their real thoughts. For a long time because of the inactive response, they finally have to choose to give up. Some bi men/ women, often because too passive to miss a true love.

However, some people are more direct when they meet someone they admire. They don't like to hide their love. They are willing to express their love.Some people think it's a kind of frivolous performance. Jimmy is a bi man. He found a girl on BisexualDatingSite. She is pretty, bright, and humorous. When he learned that she was seeking a bi man, he took the chance to get close to her. They had a very happy chat. He felt that the girl had a good impression on him. Later, he often chatted with her, they chatted very well.

One day, Jimmy summoned up the courage to ask the girl out to meet, did not expect she agreed readily. They finally met. Shopping, eating, watching movies, the date was very romantic and nice. When he held her hand, she did not refuse. He confirmed that she liked him.That day, he stayed with her until 11 pm, both of them did not want to be apart, they like each other very much. Jimmy was hoping that the girl would stay with him for the night, but he finally gave up the idea.

After a period of connection, they had a relationship, to now have been together for more than a year, they are very happy. "On our first date, would you agree if I asked you to stay overnight? "Jimmy said to her. She said that she like him very much, are reluctant to go. From the bottom of her heart, she is willing to stay with him overnight. However, a lot of people think having sex on the first date is a frivolous behavior which will not be cherished because it seems like to be so easy to win her love.

When she asked him if he would feel the same way? Jimmy really did't mind. On the contrary, he thinks that her willingness to have sex with him on the first date shows that she really loves him which makes him moved, inspired and confident. People might lose their love no matter how long they spend time with their love. The reason is they are not really fall in love.

Many people agree with Jimmy. At the same time, some others have different views. Here are the comments:

"Having sex on the first date is a frivolous thing. Even if he does not seem to care, he thinks she's a hussy who sleep with him on the first date. Similarly she will have sex with other men on the first date."

"I've been with two guys before but we haven't had sex then I had sex with my husband on the first date. We got married and had kids. We've been together for years and we've always had a great relationship. I don't want to have sex with a man until I love him."

"Too casual to have sex is not reliable. They just satisfy each other's desires. It comes and goes quickly. They will not cherish each other."

"Confident people don't believe their lovers are frivolous while people with low self-esteem think they are too casual. People do not care about how long they have been together. Some people like to pretend to be reserved, but they are swingers."

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